Enough of this "can and can't". We want you to be free!

Who said you can only have a black eye at night? Or that toenails and fingernails need to be painted the same color?

To be beautiful, you have to be your way

They say that everyone is born free and then goes into prison. The more we grow, the more rules appear and the more people say what should and should not be done. But who said it has to be this way? If one day you stop to look, you'll realize that some rules make sense, of course, but others don't! That day you are reborn! In this new, lighter, more fun life, only the rules you choose are valid! And the rest? Free the rest! We believe that every woman should be free to find her own way of being, acting and looking more beautiful.

More of the same? No way!

For us, life is made of possibilities and our intention is to make you believe that too. We want you to experience a world of colors and novelties, without fear of making mistakes. What if you make a mistake? Come with us and try again! We don't always get the chance to erase mistakes and start all over again, do we? But since with makeup we can, why not give it a try? And if someone says you can't, you already know what to say.

Who said beauty has to have so many rules?

who said, berenice? came to question and expand the concepts of make-up.

We want to inspire women to be free

to feel more beautiful and experiment with different product possibilities until you find the one that suits you best